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To Fifth Wheel Hitches| August 2023

So Many Choices

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Traditional Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch

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Gooseneck Replacement & Adapters



Unlike travel trailers which attach to a vehicle's rear bumper fifth-wheels connect to a specialized hitch mounted within the bed of a pickup truck

Types of Pin Boxes

King Pins & Gooseneck

Most fifth-wheel RVs come standard with a traditional kingpin. These are the round "pins" you see hanging below the fifth wheel overhang. Gooseneck looks like a coupler that extends off the front of the trailer and connects in the truck bed to a ball

Choosing a Hitch

Truck Bed Length & RV Weight

Short beds will typically require a sliding hitch. Long beds come with more freedom, but consider the RV weight before choosing the hitch to ensure it is capable of towing enough weight

Fifth wheel hitch brands

Towing Comfort & Safety

The most popular brands for 5th wheel hitches include TrailerSaver,  Curt, Reese, B&W Companion and Reese. Each has different features for ease of use, towing comfort, safety, and longevity of the trailer

Kingpin to gooseneck

Changing Towing Type

If you are looking to upgrade your pin box along with your hitch system and replace your pin with a gooseneck rather than use an adaptor or upgrade your kingpin, Gen Y offers top-of-the-line highly rated equipment.


Fifth Wheel Towing > Travel Trailer

With four anchor points in the bed of the truck and having more weight riding over the rear axle of the tow vehicle due to the fifth wheel's overhang design, fifth wheel hitches have more stability and less sway than travel trailer bumper towing.

required tools

Fifth Wheel Hitch Upkeep

Fifth-wheel hitches will require regular assessments, tightening, and greasing for optimal performance and longevity. Invest in a torque wrench, grease gun, protective plate and wrenches.



Fifth wheels can offer a more home-like experience while RVing . In addition, towing fifth wheels comes with many benefits over the bumper towing method used for travel trailers, including safety and smoothness.

The RVer's Guide To The Types of Fifth Wheel Hitches

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