Is A Harvest Hosts Membership Worth It? Honest Review From An RV Couple

As full-time RVers, we are always looking for camping memberships and resources that make our travel experiences easier and more stress-free.

We have been traveling in our fifth wheel every 1-2 weeks since 2022 and have never had to spend the night in a Walmart parking lot.


By taking full advantage of our Harvest Hosts membership!

Is a Harvest Hosts membership worth it for you? We are breaking down how the membership works, our honest thoughts after 3 years of use, and who would benefit most from it.

And because we value honesty and transparency – this is our honest Harvest Hosts review and is in no way sponsored.

Let’s get you out camping at some of the most unique locations you will ever spend a night at!

What Is Harvest Hosts?

A large RV camping in the parking lot next to a Harvest Hosts location in Canada
We loved this Harvest Hosts location in Newfoundland!

Harvest Hosts is an RV membership that allows members to access overnight camping at a growing network (5,000+ locations) of wineries, farms, breweries, museums and attractions, golf courses, and more!

With the price of your annual membership you get access to unlimited FREE overnight stays, the opportunity to support local businesses, have unique experiences during your travels, and meet fellow RVers at secure and picturesque spots all over the U.S., and Canada.

I mean who doesn’t want to camp overlooking the stunning rolling hills of vineyards or next to a family of cute fluffy alpacas?

How Harvest Hosts Works

Once you sign up for your Harvest Hosts membership you immediately gain access to the platform where you can search locations, communicate with businesses directly, and request bookings.

The App

In addition to being able to search through Harvest Hosts locations and reviews and request bookings online, you also get access to a convenient and user-friendly app.

You can browse locations along your travel route, read reviews from other RVers who have stayed before you, check out photos of the properties, and ask the Harvest Hosts any questions you might have.

It is also super easy to filter for your needs, such as the date you are looking for, how big your RV is, and what type of stay you are interested in. It is also clear to see how many spots each location offers.

This makes it extremely quick and easy to book Harvest Hosts or contact businesses while you are on the go!

And as full-time RVers, we are all about having that flexibility, as you just never know what a travel day might bring.

Harvest Hosts Locations Map

A map of North America filled with colorful icons indicating Harvest Hosts locations where RVers can stay
As you can see, Harvest Hosts locations are all over the place!

Prior to signing up for your Harvest Hosts membership, you will only have access to a general map of locations.

Not to worry! With thousands of locations all over North America, chances are you will be able to find a fun location to enjoy.

We have stayed at Harvest Hosts locations on the East Coast, in Canada (including Newfoundland), in the heart of the U.S., as well as in the southwest and west coast.

Once you have an active membership, you will be able to see the exact location of all Harvest Hosts locations.

Do the Harvest Hosts make money?

A couple of cocktails on a wooden picnic bench at a Harvest Hosts location

While you are able to stay for free at all of the Harvest Hosts locations included in your membership, it is suggested to try to spend $20-$30 at the business you are staying at.

This money supports the local business and is the only money they make from being a part of the Harvest Hosts program.

And honestly, paying to enjoy whatever experience the Harvest Host is offering is the whole fun of it!

What Type Of RVer Can Use Harvest Hosts?

DRV Fifth Wheel at a Harvest Host in Virginia just off I-81

Harvest Hosts is a great option for RVers who travel in self-contained hard sided RVs who are looking for overnight stays beyond the typical rest area or Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot.

If you are a social RVer who likes meeting fun people and are looking to infuse your travel with fun unique experiences, Harvest Hosts is perfect for you!

Typical Harvest Hosts Rules

Similar to the basic guidelines you follow when boondocking in an RV, there are a few guidelines that are expected of you as a Harvest Hosts member:

  • All RV’s must be self-contained (you must have your own toilet and waste holding tanks, as well as interior cooking, and you must take all trash with you)
  • Prohibited: Pop-Ups (soft-sided), Tents (including rooftop tents), Overlanding Jeeps or ATVs are not allowed
  • Generator use is typically allowed, but it is important to check with each specific location for their preferences and regulations
  • Be courteous and let the Harvest Host know when you plan to arrive and introduce yourself/check-in when you do. Plan to arrive during the location’s business hours (the idea is to support the business although other arrangements may be able to be made).
  • Always park in designated spots. Most Harvest Hosts will let you know where they would like you to stay for the night once you arrive. A good rule of thumb is to check in first before setting up.
  • Adhere to the one-night stay rule unless the location offers you the opportunity to stay longer
  • Be kind, and quiet, and support the business! We have purchased fresh eggs and honey at small homesteads, wine and spirits from vineyards and distilleries, and even donated to local causes headed up by the Harvest Host.
  • While some Harvest Hosts locations may offer electric or water hookups for a small additional cost, most locations will only offer dry camping so it is important that you have a way to keep your batteries charged up overnight! (solar or a generator will do, or just simply be mindful of how many electrical appliances you are using during your 1-night stay)
  • Try not to cancel at the last minute or “no show”. Things happen, but the service does operate on a 3 strike system. We have had some last-minute changes that caused us to cancel the reservation the day of, but luckily this has been no problem.

RVing with dogs? Most Harvest Hosts locations are very dog-friendly! Some locations (such as those with free-roaming livestock) may not allow dogs, but this will be clearly labeled in the app!

Read the entire Harvest Hosts Code of Conduct Here

How Much Does A Harvest Hosts Membership Cost

Fifth Wheel RV with solar panels staying at a Harvest Hosts location on a Hay Farm in Florida

There are 3 different levels of Harvest Hosts memberships.

You can choose to gain access to the typical Harvest Hosts locations or add on the additional opportunities to stay at private properties that homeowners offer up to RVers, as well as around 400 golf course locations.

Harvest Hosts Classic (5,000 + Farms, Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries, and Attractions)

  • $99 / year $84.15 / year

Harvest Hosts Classic + Boondockers Welcome (Classic Locations + 3,000+ Private Properties)

  • $169 $143.65 / year

Harvest Hosts All Access (Classic Locations + 3,000+ Private Properties + 400 Golf Courses)

  • $179 $152.15

We have partnered with Harvest Hosts to save our readers 15% on their annual membership!

Boondockers Welcome vs. Harvest Hosts

Boondockers Welcome is a great addition to the classic Harvest Hosts membership if you are looking for places where you can stay more than just 1 night.

These private properties are homeowners with spaces on their land that they open up to RVers for up to 5 nights!

Many hosts will offer electric hookups and look forward to the opportunity to meet RVers and provide more in depth recommendations on how best to explore their hometown from a local’s perspective!

Biggest Differences:

  • Harvest Hosts are business locations while Boondockers Welcome offers private properties (such as land around someone’s home)
  • Harvest Hosts has a 1-night stay limit, and Boondockers Welcome offers stays up to 5 nights

Benefits of Using Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts has been such a wonderful addition as part of our RV lifestyle!

We love getting to experience new places throughout our travels, meet friendly locals, and support small businesses.

It is quick and easy to use, helps put our minds at ease when we need a place to stay, and is a fun way to have experiences we wouldn’t get to have if we couldn’t stay on the property.

Enjoy a delicious meal, an adult beverage, and some live music, and then simply walk back home to camp for the night? Yes, please!

  • The membership pays for itself after just 2-3 overnight stays in a year (compared to the cost of overnight stays at a campground)
  • It is much more fun than staying at random campgrounds overnight
  • It feels safer and more peaceful than a rest area or big box store parking lot (no worries about the dreaded tap on the window in the middle of the night)
  • It is a great and cost-effective way to break up long travel stretches

Drawbacks of Harvest Hosts

While we personally have loved our Harvest Hosts membership, it is certainly not for everyone.

Here are a few reasons why Harvest Hosts may not be for you:

  • You don’t own a self-contained RV and rely on public restrooms
  • You prefer to stay at locations for multiple nights and don’t want the hassle of overnight stops
  • You prefer to pull into a place late at night, keep to yourself, and get back on the road ASAP
  • You only want to stay at RV sites where you can have full hook-ups (water, electricity, and sewer)

What Harvest Hosts is NOT:

Harvest Hosts is not a place to drop your RV and go out exploring for the entire day. The main intention is to have a relaxing place to spend a night and enjoy a meal or experience just steps from your RV.

While you could of course go out and get supplies or things you might need, you should generally expect to spend most of your time at the Harvest Hosts location.

Tips For Successful Harvest Hosts Stays

A fifth wheel RV camping in a large green field overlooking vineyards and orchards at a Harvest Hosts location

After staying at all kinds of Harvest Hosts over the past few years, we learned a few tips that will make your experience even better.

First, always make sure your Harvest Hosts stay is confirmed. This should typically happen pretty fast, but at times there can be a delay or you may find that your stay has been declined.

Second, READ REVIEWS CAREFULLY… especially if you are traveling in a larger RV! Look out for comments about the roads coming in, any special directions you need to follow to avoid low bridges or roads with limitations, and what the parking area is like.

Reading reviews about Harvest Hosts locations from fellow RVers has helped us choose locations best suited for our large RV, based on things like there being low-hanging trees lining the drive-in, and the parking area being super soft after rain.

As always, we also recommend using the satellite view on Google Maps to double-check the area prior to arriving and using an RV-safe GPS like RV Life to help you avoid unsafe roads with your RV.

Finally, know that some of the most popular Harvest Hosts locations will book up in advance. So, if you are a “wing it” type of RVer you may find that certain locations are booked up and unable to be reserved at the last minute.

The Harvest Hosts booking window is typically open 3 months out, for those RVers like ourselves who like to plan in advance 😊

IMPORTANT NOTE: One thing we have noticed, especially with newer Harvest Hosts locations is that the people checking you in most likely are not RV experts. You know your RV best. Think the ground is too soft to drive on? Trust your gut. Not sure you can fit in the spot they say you can park in? Don’t push it. Use your best judgment! Every location we have stayed at has been very kind and accommodating.

Overall: Is A Harvest Hosts Membership Worth It?

If you are an RV enthusiast who loves supporting local businesses (complete with award winning wine or cute baby goats) and are looking for fun ways to spend an overnight stop, you should have signed up for a Harvest Hosts membership yesterday.

It is safe, cost-effective, fun, and SO easy to book.

In our years of using it, we have only ever had 1 location we couldn’t get into because it was booked up and some of our favorite memories have been made by supporting these fun and unique businesses.

For the cost, we have seen a lot of value in our Harvest Hosts membership throughout the years and it is easy to see that this is a service that was built for RVers by RVers.

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