13 Best Things To Do in Twillingate Newfoundland

If you are planning a trip to Newfoundland, you do not want to miss the chance to visit the charming town of Twillingate.

Twillingate was one of the highlights of our 5 week RV road trip around Newfoundland and we were surprised at just how much there was to do in the “Iceberg Capital of the World.”

Add these best things to do in Twillingate to your upcoming Newfoundland itinerary or some-day bucket list!

Best Things To Do In Twillingate Newfoundland

Gray rocky cliffs with a red and white lighthouse on top rising up from blue waters with a white iceberg floating out in the distance in Twillingate Newfoundland

Nestled along the rugged coastline in northeastern Newfoundland, Twillingate is situated on the cliffside along Iceberg Alley.

With a stunning lighthouse perched high above bobbing icebergs and a symphony of spouting whales, a trail system with endless ocean views, and a vibrant town full of friendly faces, Twillingate quickly becomes one of those places you never knew you needed in your life.

With so much to see and do, here are the top things we recommend doing with your time in Twillingate:

1. Iceberg Viewing

A brown boat looking very small against a large white and blue iceberg
Hopping on a boat tour shows you just how large the icebergs are… and only 10% of them are above water!

Each year massive chunks of 10,000-year-old ice break off from Greenland and make the long journey through the North Atlantic Ocean and along the coast of Newfoundland.

Spring and the early summer months are the best times to see icebergs in Twillingate, which is a prime destination for iceberg viewing.

A female in a bright purple shirt standing on rocks in front of 3 icebergs in the blue waters behind her

During our July visit to Twillingate, we were able to see some late-season stragglers along the shoreline (and even swam with a few!), but the true peak is a bit earlier in the year.

Chances are you will be able to spot icebergs in Twillingate from the coast or while out for a hike, but if you want to appreciate the sheer size of these icy giants, check out a local iceberg tour:

And don’t forget to try some iceberg spirits or ask for iceberg ice (a bergy bit) in one of your drinks! Seeing icebergs in Newfoundland was definitely a major highlight of our RV road trip around the island!

2. Long Point Lighthouse

Couple smiling on a wooden deck in front of Long Point Lighthouse in Twillingate Newfoundland
Long Point Lighthouse

This is one of the most photographed spots on the northeastern coast of Newfoundland and one of the top things to do in Twillingate and with its panoramic ocean views perched 300 feet above the sea, it is easy to see why.

The bright red Long Point Lighthouse sitting on the edge of a tree-covered cliff in Twillingate Newfoundland

We loved hiking around the lighthouse grounds and were even able to spot icebergs and whales in the waters below from the viewing area!

This is the perfect spot for a dreamy sunset, just note that parking can be limited during peak season.

3. Split Rock Brewing Company & Stage Head Pub

A male in a gray shirt, sunglasses and blue hat smiling and holding a beer in a Split Rock Brewery glass with a view of the water off the patio beside him

After a day of exploring, grab a seat on the patio at Split Rock Brewing Company with a great view of the water.

With great food and drinks and live music several nights of the week, this is the perfect spot for a relaxing evening in town.

4. Whale Watching

Summer brings thousands of whales back to the waters surrounding Newfoundland after spending the winter months down in the Caribbean. This includes humpbacks, minkes, and even orcas!

With its prime location, Twillingate is the perfect base to launch a thrilling whale-watching adventure! We even saw a humpback whale breach right from shore, in a moment that left us completely stunned and squealing like little kids on Christmas.

Here are whale watching tours offered in Twillingate:

5. Rockcut Twillingate Trails

A bright green tent camping overlooking orange cliffs and ocean in Twillingate Newfoundland
We loved backcountry camping on one of the Rockcut Trails in Twillingate

With such a raw and stunning natural landscape, it is no surprise that Twillingate also has a top-notch trail system!

Miles of trails lead you along the ocean, into protected coves, and past dramatic sea arches and sea stacks.

They even have tent pads for the perfect night of camping on the ocean’s edge. This was one of our most memorable short and sweet overnight backpacking trips!

The most scenic Rockcut trails include:

  • French Beach
  • Spiller’s Cove
  • Little Harbour
  • Natural Arch

6. Twillingate Dinner Theater

The Twillingate New World Island Dinner Theater offers dinner and a variety show 6 nights a week between May and September.

With meals featuring fresh local seafood and acts performed by the very locals who prepared and served your food, this is a cultural experience that everyone we talked to raved about.

A 2-hour show of music, comedy, and skits follows the completion of dinner and dessert.

7. Get Screeched in At Captain’s Pub

Two Newfoundland Screechers certificates laid out on a brown table
A must-do when you visit Newfoundland!

You can’t visit Newfoundland as a come-from-away (an outsider) without participating in a Screech-In ceremony and becoming an honorary Newfoundlander.

As someone who hates being up in front of a crowd, this took a bit of convincing on my part… and ended up with me laughing the hardest I had in a while.

It’s a pretty neat initiation fitting for somewhere as unique as Newfoundland… complete with local jargon including “‘deed I is, me ol’ cock! and “long may yer big jib draw!”

The Newfoundland Screech In Ceremony typically includes some form of:

  • Some lines to recite (learn to eat, drink, and talk like a Newfoundlander)
  • A shot of Newfoundland Screech (rum)
  • Kissing the cod

We recommend getting your name on the list at Captain’s Pub ASAP (as they can book up). You’ll walk away with fond memories, and even an official certificate as well!

And don’t forget to enjoy live entertainment from the talented (and hilarious) Mike at Captain’s Pub, 6 nights a week.

8. Hike Around Crow Head & Sleepy Cove

A female hiker with a gray backpack standing on a cliffs edge looking out at icebergs in the water off the coast of Newfoundland
I never thought I would be looking at icebergs in July in shorts and a tank top

Once you see Long Point Lighthouse, you are going to want to spend more time with the amazing views found there.

We highly recommend taking a scenic hike around Crow Head and Sleepy Cove (there is even free RV camping located here)!

The trails wind their way around the cliffs and offer the perfect opportunity for a dip in the cove once your hike is complete.

9. Fish, Fun & Folk Festival

People gathering and watching two musicians on stage underneath a rocky hill with a large sign on top that says fish fun folk festival

We were so lucky to happen upon the Fish, Fun, and Folk Festival during our visit to Twillingate.

A great display of local culture, the festival is multiple days of events including live music, traditional dancing, kids activities, delicious food, and even some fireworks!

If you want to really get a feel for the local community, there is a great way to do it!

10. Wine Tasting At Auk Island Winery

Two bottles of fruit wine from the Auk Island Winery in Twillingate Newfoundland

At the Auk Island Winery, you can taste classic Newfoundland wines made from local fruits and berries, and even some specialty wines made with iceberg water!

Stop by for a wine tasting or to get a taste of their famous wine ice cream, and don’t forget to head out back to say hello to the Newfoundland ponies!

They also have a large gift shop that can surely take care of any of your souvenir needs.

11. The Isles Wooden Boat Museum

The Wooden Boat Museum is the perfect place to learn about Twillingate’s rich maritime history.

This museum aims to preserve the boat-building history of Twillingate and teach boat-building skills.

The Wooden Boat Museum is open every day during the summer from 9 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is $7.50 per person.

12. Fishing Tours

Colorful homes scattered around a green landscape beyond the blue waters of a harbor in Twillingate Newfoundland with two sailboats sitting on moorings

Twillingate, as with many other coastal communities in Newfoundland, has survived and thrived on fishing operations throughout history.

A fishing tour is a great way to get out on the water with a local guide and try your luck at catching local cod or other Newfoundland delicacies!

Here are local fishing tours offered in Twillingate:

13. Prime Berth Fishing Museum

The Prime Berth Fishing Museum is the perfect place to learn more about Newfoundland’s fishing heritage. Check out a 100 + year old fish store, net loft, fishing stages, cod trap displays, and maybe even catch a special cod splitting show.

Look for the whale skeleton as you are crossing the causeway into Twillingate!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Twillingate?

Pink, purple and white lupin flowers blooming in a bunch

The most popular times to visit Twillingate are spring and summer (May through August).

Spring will be the best time to visit if you want to see peak iceberg activity.

Summer will be the best time to visit if you want to be there for peak whale-watching activity and other marine life.

Newfoundland weather can be unpredictable at any time of year, so always be prepared for wind, rain, and fog. On average, Newfoundland’s best weather will be in July or August.

Where should you stay in Twillingate?

A campground full of RVs inside a wooded area with water views in the distance in Twillingate Newfoundland

If you are on an RV road trip across Newfoundland, there are a few great options for camping in Twillingate:

  • Peyton’s Woods Campground (RV sites with full hook-ups)
  • Free Camping at Crow Head and Sleepy Cove near Long Point Lighthouse (learn more about free camping in Newfoundland here)

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There are also some great hotels in Twillingate:

Tips For Visiting Twillingate

  • Pack Accordingly: Newfoundland weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to pack layers and waterproof clothing to stay comfortable in all conditions. Don’t forget sturdy hiking shoes and hiking poles if you plan to explore the area’s trails.
  • Plan Ahead: While Twillingate is a charming and relatively small town, it’s a popular tourist destination during the peak summer months. Be sure to book accommodations and tours in advance, especially if you’re visiting during the spring iceberg or summer whale-watching season.
  • Respect the Environment: Twillingate is known for its pristine natural beauty, so be sure to practice Leave No Trace principles during your visit. Respect wildlife and marine habitats, and dispose of waste properly to help preserve the area for future generations.
  • Embrace the Local Culture: Twillingate is known for its rich maritime heritage and vibrant arts scene. Take the time to explore local museums, art galleries, and craft shops to learn more about the town’s history and culture. And don’t forget to sample delicious local cuisine, including fresh seafood and traditional Newfoundland specialties (Jiggs dinner, scrunchins, partridgeberry or bakeapple jam, moose burger, or cod nuggets anyone!?)
  • Talk to the locals! You will never learn more about a place than by striking up a conversation with a local – and with the friendly people of Twillingate, it is pretty easy!

Plan Your Trip To Newfoundland

  • Be prepared for pricier food in remote towns (especially produce)
  • Newfoundland Time is 90 minutes ahead of EST (its own time zone)
  • July is typically the driest month and the best weather
  • Be mindful of wildlife if driving at dawn or dusk
  • The island is large, give yourself time to explore
  • Don’t forget your passport! (And rabies certificate if traveling with your pets) Check out these border-crossing tips!

More Resources To Plan Your Perfect Trip To Newfoundland:

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