When & Where To See Icebergs In Newfoundland

Newfoundland is one of the best places to see icebergs in the world.

Standing on the edges of grass-covered cliffs, we couldn’t believe our eyes as we stared out at the icy giants bobbing in the harbor, with whales spouting rainbow all around. It was one of many highlights of our 5-week trip RVing around Newfoundland!

Get ready for an experience that will take your breath away, with these tips for when and where to see icebergs in Newfoundland in all their glory!

About Newfoundland’s Iceberg Alley

Two icebergs floating in a harbor in Newfoundland beyond bright blue waters and a grass-covered rocky coastline

Iceberg Alley stretches along the northeastern coast of Newfoundland, from the Labrador Sea all the way down to St. John’s on the eastern coast.

And it is THE place to go to experience the magic of icebergs in Newfoundland.

90% of the icebergs seen in Newfoundland broke off from glaciers in Western Greenland, masses of ice 10,000 years old.

Two icebergs floating in blue water surrounded by lush green vegetation on the cliffs near the waters edge

Icebergs can be bright blue, aquamarine blue, and everything in between. Large, small, twisted, sharp, smooth – pretty much if you can think of it, icebergs can come in the shape of it. You never know what you might see during your Newfoundland iceberg quest!

As you journey across Newfoundland, don’t forget to indulge in some unique iceberg treats! We had iceberg rum, iceberg water, iceberg ice cubes, and even iceberg beer!

As Iceberg Alley covers such a large area, below we dive into the best spots to see icebergs, along with exactly when you will have the best chance to see them each year!

Where To See Icebergs In Newfoundland

A white and bright blue iceberg floating in the harbour off the coast of Newfoundland in July

This map pinpoints main areas all along Iceberg Alley, which stretches from Labrador and across Newfoundland, that can be great places to see icebergs each year:

Our visit to Newfoundland was in July and August, but luckily we were able to catch the end of a spectacular iceberg season.

The best places we saw icebergs were way up north on the Great Northern Peninsula in Quirpon and St. Anthony, and the charming town of Twillingate.

The northern parts of Newfoundland will have the longest iceberg season, but earlier in the iceberg season you can also see icebergs as far east as St. John’s and Witless Bay!

Stay up to date on iceberg sightings and locations! You can sign up for Newfoundland iceberg alerts on Iceberg Finder

Different Ways To See Icebergs

From the shore

A large white iceberg floating behind a small rocky island in the fog

While Newfoundland is no stranger to fog, on clear sunny days it can be easy to spot many icebergs just off the coast, right from the mainland.

This could be along local beaches and coastlines, harbors in the towns included on the map above, or along coastal trails.

A female hiker with a gray backpack standing on a cliffs edge looking out at icebergs in the water off the coast of Newfoundland
I never thought I would be looking at icebergs in July in shorts and a tank top
A female in a bright purple shirt standing on rocks in front of 3 icebergs in the blue waters behind her

If you do venture up to the Great Northern Peninsula (which we highly recommend if you are hoping to see icebergs in Newfoundland, especially later in the season), you can also explore the different sections of the Iceberg Alley Trail.

Zodiak & Boat Tours

A brown boat looking very small against a large white and blue iceberg
Hopping on a boat tour shows you just how large the icebergs are… and only 10% of them are above water!

If you are looking to step the adventure up a notch, consider hopping on a boat, Zodiak, or even a kayak tour around the icebergs.

These guided tours will take you up close to these floating chunks of ice to give you a great perspective of just how big they really are.

Blue ridges of a melting iceberg in Twillingate Newfoundland

A few popular iceberg tours on Newfoundland include:



Great Northern Peninsula

When To See Icebergs In Newfoundland

Sharp gray rocky cliffs with a red lighthouse on top with two white icebergs floating in the blue waters below
In northern communities like Twillingate, slowly melting icebergs can sometimes be seen into July

Iceberg season in Newfoundland generally starts up towards the end of March and tails off by July in most places around the island.

The northernmost section of Newfoundland has the longest iceberg season, with icebergs even lingering up by Quirpon, St. Anthony, and other towns of the Great Northern Peninsula into August.

A large white iceberg with blue streaks floating in front of another large iceberg covered in fog in a harbor in northern Newfoundland

If you are planning to explore Labrador on the mainland, this will have the longest iceberg season, with potential for icebergs throughout August.

Your best bet to see icebergs in Newfoundland will typically be between May and June, but you can get lucky later in the season and into July (depending on the year) if you would rather visit when the weather is nicer.

Note that if you plan an earlier trip to Newfoundland (such as in April), there will likely be icebergs, but sea ice could prevent tours from getting out to see icebergs if you are hoping to see them from the water in addition to off-shore.

Four chunks of icebergs slowly melting inside a rocky cove in Newfoundland

Plan Your Perfect Trip To Newfoundland

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Rent A Car

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More Resources For Planning Your Trip To Newfoundland:

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